Premium Antibots Scampages On Demand

We take our customers very seriously in terms of their scampage needs.

We develop scampages on our customers demand with fully Automated / Responsive / Undetected / and freshly coded with the required information they need from the victim and we take this job very seriously.

The information we need from our customer is just the link of the website which scampage they need and the information they need from the victim to fill and thats it.

The pages we make are the encrypted pages and also with latest and up to date antibot databases which allow them to use the page for weeks once uploaded.

The reporting of the victim information comes on Email / Telegram / And also have option to save it on a text file on server.

The benefit of encrypted scampage is that it will be uploaded on every single cPanel or shell.
Most of the times spammers upload there scampage on server and it gets deleted on the same time its because the source of the scampage is already detected thats why the server detects it as a virus but in our pages this problem is not a problem because our pages are fully encrypted no one can see the code only the soruce is visible in the code is where you will put your email or telegram api for reporting thats it.

Contact the support team to give your scampage order.